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V-Rings for challenging requirements

V-rings are rotary seals that can perform numerous jobs in their function of sealing rotating shafts:

  • sealing against the penetration of dirt, dust, water or watery pollutants,
  • combination with other sealing elements, e.g. the ­protection of a radial shaft sealing ring against ­external contamination,
  • or sealing against grease leaking from a housing.

Advantages of V-Rings

  • diverse fields of application
  • no high requirements as regards the shaft and housing designs
  • low friction
  • high circumferential speeds are possible as a result of reduced friction
  • relatively insusceptible to coaxiality and radial ­eccentricity
  • long service life
  • easy installation

Construction types/designs

In order to cover the wide range of possible ­applications, we have 3 standard designs in stock, made of 2 different materials each (NBR and FKM).


Dimensional range in stock: 3 - 1000 mm,

>1000 mm on request,

most commonly used standard design with straight sealing back


Dimensional range in stock: 5 - 199 mm,

the same design as VR-A10 in the lip area,

complemented by a conically extended retaining part, thus providing a better seat on the shaft


Dimensional range in stock: 110 - 600 mm,

>600 mm on request,

small profile geometry for compact installation conditions, uniform profile for all diameters


We offer V-rings from stock made of NBR and FKM and other elastomers, such as CR, EPDM and HNBR, on request.

NBR 60

  • standard material for a wide range of applications
  • thermally resistant between -40 and +100°C
  • good wear and abrasion resistance
  • resistant to many media, such as mineral oil based oil and grease, water

FKM 60

  • applicable under higher temperatures and in the ­presence of more aggressive media
  • thermally resistant between -20 and +200°C
  • very good resistance against many chemicals
  • very good aging, ozone and weather resistance

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V-Rings for challenging requirements